Who Would You Rather President, Trump or This Random Guy Asking For $10k?

trump2 henry frederick

The 2016 U.S. presidential race just keeps getting better.

The fact Donald Trump is considered a real candidate in the 2016 presidential race is scary, yes, but at least he’s financing his campaign with his own money–which brings me to my point:

Meet Henry Frederick, the guy worth about $10 billion less than Trump, pictured above with his (Tom’s News Headquarters are just assuming it is in fact his car, but he also might of saw the car in a parking lot and thought ‘good photo op!’) kind of nice, but now kind of dated sports car. He’s our latest and greatest presidential candidate.

Henry announced his candidacy on Monday on a gofundme page with an inspiring address to the fellow citizens of America in which he quoted a few past presidents, stated he was running as an independent (although I saw he responded to someone on FB saying he wasn’t sure which party he was aligning with–it’s okay Henry you’ve got a few months before November rolls around, you can make up your mind while you’re out campaigning), and of course stated we need to take back our country from Jihadists who are plotting our demise.

He closed it out by telling us that he studied politics in college and asked that God bless us all, and then if you scroll back up to the top and look to the right you’ll see that he’s asking for $100k. But after a day of no donations he changed his request to a modest $10k. He currently has one donation for $100 from Anna Martineau. I don’t know who Anna is, but Henry if that’s not unconditional love I don’t know what is.

I don’t think anyone knows why he’s running, in fact I’m not sure Henry knows why he’s running (again, he’s undecided on which party, kind of like an incoming college freshman picking a major). This guy is a journalist in Daytona, FL for his own news company, why does he want to be president?

Well, being the curious cat I am I decided to snoop around on Henry’s FB page.The first thing I saw was a link to “TMHS Class of 1980 Uncensored” …And well it turns out Henry created the page because he wanted an “uncensored” page because he felt censored on his high school class’ closed group, “TMHS Class of 1980.”

Henry posted on the uncensored page: “GO TIGERS! The “TMHS Class of 1980 Uncensored” is at 94 “likes” in what is the fourth Day since putting this up from scratch, frustrated that I could not freely express myself in a closed forum, especially in speaking up for what I believed was important. And perhaps i wasn’t the right forum, but there’s no question this is where it’s at… This isn’t a knock on anyone in particular. Anyone who knows me recognizes high school was 35 years ago. This isn’t lunchroom seating. And that shy scrawny kid with the runny nose and the asthma inhaler (well, still have the inhaler) doesn’t allow himself to be pshed aside. If I’m not afraid to speak up for the taxpayers in Daytona, FL by going to the FBI re: billions being siphoned by political insiders, where I’ve continued my award-winning journalism career by publishing a 24/7 internet newspaper, I certainly will speak up in social media for friends I grew up with in this home turf we call the “Quiet Corner.” And I have an emerging army of classmates and underclassmen as well as a few retired staffers who have embraced this forum because they know that I am passionate and strong-willed. Though some have moved a few thousand miles from home while others have remained close by, Thompson & the adjacent towns of Putnam, Woodstock, Killingly (Danielson), Brooklyn, Southbridge, Webster, Dudley, etc, will always be home. And there is no better place at home than our Thompson Public Schools — Mary Fisher Elementary, Thompson Middle and TMHS… This is just the beginning…”

Well I’ll show them by……running for president! Ah, yes welcome to the home of the brave, where someone like Henry can do just that! I can’t write about this anymore I have to go restore my faith in humanity.

Bill Chumley Can Go To Hell


The recent shooting of nine people attending a bible study at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina has really shed light on the bigotry of those of the far right. Just about every Republican presidential candidate had some remarkably inappropriate response to the shooting.

And just when you think you’ve heard it all-“a lack of salvation in this country caused this,” “this was as an attack on our religious freedom”-comes along South Carolina’s State Rep. Bill Chumley.

While the Republican presidential candidates’ responses were all bullshit, they were sadly, not surprising. We can get as mad as we want for them trying to politicize a tragic event to fit their agendas, but it’s nothing new.

Chumley, on the other hand, is a different breed.

While defending the use of the Confederate Flag at South Carolina capitol grounds, he made several remarks which were just downright sickening.

“These people sat in there and waited their turn to be shot,” said the South Carolina state rep.

Going on to add, “That’s sad. Somebody in there with a means of self-defense could’ve stopped this.”

“Why didn’t somebody just do something?” Chumley asked. “You’ve got one skinny person shooting a gun. We need to do what we can.”

Let’s put Chumley in a room and have someone open fire and see how brave he is.