Oh, Paul

dark street

Late at night I wonder if you made it Home from your long walk

On streets littered with trash, and mud, and puddles of rain that cars drive through and splash onto you, in shoes with egg shaped holes and worn out soles, they transport you- your body, a stick figure frame swimming in ripped jeans and a patched hoody that—still has a few, small holes—from point A to point B every night. The great mystery. I lay in bed and wonder. I imagine mean dogs with sharp teeth and nasty barks chasing you. I imagine rough people with knives and guns robbing you. I imagine you lost in dark streets with no streetlights or signs to guide you.

I imagine sleek cars whizzing by, and you, unheeded, like a stray dog, wander in the night.

Can Dr. Ruth be done now, like for good?

dr. ruth

Dr. Ruth Westheimer needs to be done. Now. For good. Please, no more interviews.

“The idea of consent is nonsense. Except consent before they are naked in bed” were the words of Dr. Ruth in an interview with Haaretz in March.

A few months later, the popular sex therapist is back with some more sex ed teachings for us and unloaded her most recent lesson on the Diane Rehm Show. And referring to campus sexual assaults, stated, “I know it’s controversial, but for your program, I’m going to stand up and be counted and … be very honest. I am very worried about college campuses saying that a woman and a man or two men or two women, but I talk right now about woman and man, can be in bed together, Diane, and at one time, naked, and at one time, he or she — most of the time they think she can say, I changed my mind. No such thing is possible.”

Dr. Ruth, I am very worried too. That a woman like yourself can say such a thing is very worrisome to me.

Unfortunately it only gets worse from there.

She goes on to add, “At the height of arousal, just when he’s very aroused, strong erection, when she’s very aroused, either he or she cannot change their mind.”

Um, no sorry it just doesn’t work like that. He/she may change their mind at ANY second during ANYthing.

Further demonstrating her prowess, Dr. Ruth chose to employ the Talmud in defense of her argument, stating, “In the Talmud … it says when that part of the male anatomy is aroused and there’s an erection, the brain flies out of that and we have to take that very seriously…”

No, you didn’t read that wrong, she really said “the brain flies out.” Where does it go?

Or better yet, where did yours go, Dr. Ruth?

Luckily there were plenty of rabbis that responded promptly to help clear up Dr. Ruth’s warped interpretation.

Rabbi Shmoley Boteach told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, “The idea that men are ravaging beasts who are controlled by their hormones and can’t stop themselves is a Neanderthal view that Judaism would never embrace. It’s a shockingly frightening excuse for rape.”

And just like that piece of mold that was on my sandwich a second ago (I ripped it off)–this kind of irrational thinking, if not addressed quickly, can spread and only works to help the people committing the assaults justify it. And that is the last thing we need.

So, please, Dr. Ruth lay off the interviews. Or maybe after this people will finally stop booking her? I guess it is true that with age comes brain cell loss.


Old man who rises in the morning
And pours his coffee

Old man who showed me birds sitting in tall trees, and ten-foot tall basketball hoops, and planes soaring in the sky
From his shoulders

I soared

Now I rise in the morning
And pour myself a cup of coffee

And it’s the bitter taste of never getting my sugar and cream just right
That keeps me running, jumping, trying to
Soar again